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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Received: Nana: The Four Crystals; Engage, Commit, Grow!;21st Century Great Global Depression;Fires...Accidental or Arson?

Nana.  The Four Crystals by Guillermo Romano
(a portion from the back cover) Serge.  Meaning, life, past and future will take him through an unbelievable journey to another culture, another time; one of rediscovery, history and awareness.  ...he will be faced with multiple choices.  Four Crystals stand between him and discovering who he is.  Serge is forced to step up to the challenges presented and figure out who this woman is, what the Crystals mean, and more importantly-who he is.

Engage, Commit, Grow! by Larry Smith
(from the back cover) Your company will soar when you embrace the insights and initiatives in this guidebook.  Based on 25 years of facilitating growth and productivity in small and medium-sized companies, Larry Smith shares the "how to" of creating a culture of high performance and then sustaining it.  It is not that difficult.  But it does take courage, because you begin with an Assessment; ie. a reality check.  You'll be taking a measure of management's stewardship.  Removal of rose-coloured glasses is the first requirement.  Bottom line is: How your employees behave is a critical ingredient.  How you lead determines how they behave.

21st Century Great Global Depression  - The Perfect Economic Storm by Orest Andrew Harrison
(from the back cover) How will the coming years play out?  The 21st Century Global Depression is presented not only as a historic analysis of recent economic events but also as a prognostication tool with the intended purpose to serve both as a warning and a wake-up call to our country's leaders, representatives, politicians, etc. highlighting our dire need for fiscal and political reform.  It is imperitative that we face our crippling budgetary problems head-on and without delay before it's too late.  Do we as a nation have what it takes to make the necessary reforms to allow the American Dream to thrive on and to ensure prosperity for future generations of Americans, or do we maintain the status quo and preside over the abject collapse of our global economic system?

Fires...Accidental or Arson?  by Richard J. Keyworth
(from the back cover)  It is often said "Firefighters walk where the devil dances."
Author Richard J. Keyworth stands 6'6" tall and his courage and commitment to fighting and investigating fires stand even taller.  His account of 14 of the innumerable fires he investigates will intrigue, inform and educate fellow firefighters and law enforcement professionals.  Because fire is mystical at times and practical at others, "FIRES...Accidental or Arson?" will also entrance the general public.  His investigations will twist and turn and take place in likely and unlikely locations.  Readers will be as interested in the investigative process as the investigator's cohorts and the investigator himself.  Keyworth is an attention grabbing story teller.  Flip up the sides of his fire helmet and he is "Sherlock Holmes".  With 40 years experience, his stories continue to intrigue his readers and listeners.

FIRES...Accidental or Arson?  will be presented as a virtual book tour on this blog in the near future.  Nana.  The Four Crystals; 21st Century Great Global Depression; and Engage, Commit, Grow!  have just been received.  Look for these reviews in the near future.

That's what's new on my shelves this week!

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