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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sudden Moves - About the Author Kelli Sue Landon

Kelli Sue Landon is an up and coming author with her debut novel, Sudden Moves, now available for purchase. See my review here

Meet the author:
"I am a mystery/suspense fan of books and movies. I love anything that can keep me on the edge of my seat and look forward to a book or movie that I can't tear myself away from. I hope to achieve that in my writing." - from  Kelli's blog.

Kelli Sue Landon was born in Peoria, Illinois. Her published short stories include The Diary, Pizza Night, and Campfire Dreams. She is employed by the United States Postal Service in Peoria. Sudden Moves is her first novel.  FIRST BOOK SIGNING - Saturday MARCH 5, 2011 - I KNOW YOU LIKE A BOOK, 4707 Prospect in Peoria. 2:00. Books will be on sale there.

Kelli is giving away four copies of Sudden Moves A Young Adult Mystery on http://www.goodreads.com/.  Contest ends February 21, 2011.

Author Q&A:

What is your book about?
Sixteen year old Michelle Martin grows suspicious when classmate, Katie Brashers, doesn't return after a spring break trip to Florida.  Michelle is worred because she let Katie borrow a family heirloom that needed to be returned to her.  She talks it over with her best friend, Tami, and Katie's boyfriend, Brad, who is crushed over her sudden departure.  Together, they snoop around the neighborhood and learn more and more about what happened to Katie and her family.

Why did you decide to write it? 
I had the idea in my head since I was in high school.  I started it as a story, but it evolved into a full length novel.

How did you choose this topic?
I have always been a fan of mystery ever since my mother gave me a book by Mary Higgins Clark when I was a teen. I wrote short stories ever since I was a teenager, mostly mystery or the horror genre. Mysteries keep me on the edge of my seat and when I write about young adults, there’s more conflict - they have more obstacles (not the use of a car, sneaking around behind parents’ backs, cutting class, etc) which makes it more exciting to me.

Did it begin as a school assignment?
No, this idea came from one of my classmates who left on a trip to Florida, never to return. We were told she had moved there. We never found out why. This is what sparked the mystery and I wrote Sudden Moves 25 years later.

Have you always loved writing?
Yes, when my parents moved out in the country, with no neighbors, there was nothing to do. I would sit in my room, get out a notebook, and make up stories. It was all for fun - the stories are really bad when I read them back today. As an adult, I have taken many writing classes through the mail and online.

Which character is most like you?
Tami - the best friend. I always had her wild side, but had the strict parents like Michelle had.

How did you publish your book?
I self-published through Outskirts Press.

What is your target audience?
Teens or women who will be taken back to their high school years.

What is special about your book?  What differentiates it from other books in the same category?
This book is about regular teenagers, not the supernatural or vampires, which seems to be the norm right now.  They react as normal teens would react in their situation.  It's a YA mystery, but evolves into a more adult finale.  These kids learn a lot on their quest to find Katie.

Who is your favourite author and did they influence your writing style or genre?
My favorite authors are Mary Higgins Clark, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Sandra Brown, and Janet Evanovich - Evanovich being the most influence with her writing style. I love suspense with some comedy thrown in! One of my best influences as far as mystery (twists and turns) is screenwriter M. Night Shyamalan. I love making someone’s mouth drop at the end of my stories.

What are your plans now?
I am getting close to starting my third novel, set in the summer after graduation - the graduation gift is a trip to a beach house. I don’t have the story in my mind yet, but there will be news of bizarre murders taking place.

I also just published a short story compilation (50 pages) of eight short stories. I did this on createspace.com. I may try this for my 3rd novel if this goes okay.

How close to publication is your second novel?
My second novel, Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood: A Young Adult Whodunit, is due out around April/May. Publication started in the middle of January.

Will Sudden Moves eventually be available in bookstores?
I am just now starting on book signings. I have one next month at a small local book store and I have tried for one at Borders. No answer as of yet. I am unknown, so it will be hard to get Sudden Moves in stores - Barnes & Noble and Borders can order it for anyone who requests it.
Oh, I also have a radio interview coming up on www.theauthorsshow.com - not sure when it is going to be on the site, but I record it by phone next Sunday

Sudden Moves is available as a hardback, paperback and ebook format (Kindle/Nook, etc.).  See Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Outskirts Press for purchases.


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  1. Thanks for posting this interview as well as information on my book signing and Sudden Moves giveaway!! Great job!! I really appreciate it! Another book trailer is due out soon!


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