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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the Air: Book Review: Dragonfly (book of romantic poetry)

Author: Ed Pilolla
ISBN: 978-1456471406
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of publish: Dec 31, 2010
Pages: 80

Press Release: Torrance, CA - Jan 25, 2011 - Author Ed Pilolla has released his latest book of romantic poetry entitled Dragonfly, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Dragonfly is a collection of love poetry, told in various voices. A short story sets up fifty eight love letters. Author Pilolla states, "I wrote the book as sort of a challenge to myself. I was 38 and single, without any prospects, once again. What the heck did I know about love? Nothing. So I wrote, using muses past and present to inspire me. I ended up discovering some beautiful places within me."

Sample poetry included in Dragonfly:


Be careful.
You do something to me.
You breathe life into me like a skilled glassblower.
I take shape from the way you hold me, turn me, wiggle me and puff-puff
into me.
Cooled, I am your precious trophy. But display is not my nature. I can
hold heat, and spill fire onto the world. I can catch the sun and throw
diamonds of light through your eyes....

I received this as a PDF for review from the author.  It is an intimate collection of prose by Ed Pilolla, including a couple poems by other authors.  Discover is one of my favourites in the book Dragonfly.  I read this book of poetry in one sitting and felt, almost, as if I were an intruder lurking in the shadows, a witness to a love affair.  Ed is good with words, his poems flow easily, provoking visual contemplations of the relationship between man and woman.  This book of love poems is, at times, quite intimate.  If you like that, you will truly enjoy this collection.

Rated 3/5

About the author:

Ed Pilolla was an award-winning daily newspaper reporter for several years. When the newspaper industry tanked, he did some full-time volunteering, traveling and began writing books. Now he works mostly as a freelance photographer for AOL's Patch.com.http://www.edpilolla.com/.  Copies of Dragonfly may be ordered through Ed's website.

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  1. shirley, thanks for the heads up and for the kind words. love and peace, ed


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