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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Have Your Say

I recently had a lovely visit from Alison Can Read so I did a follow up visit to her blog. January 31 she posted "How Do You Comment" which got me thinking about what entices me to leave a comment.  Sure there are contests on some blogs for which you enter via a comment, and some with memes that entice you to say a little something that will draw a comment or several.  I always try to do a follow-up comment to those who comment on my blogs. I have several favourites that I follow and it would be impossible to comment on all of them. If I have something to say that I believe is profound (ha ha), supportive, answers a query, etc., I will make a special effort to leave a comment. I have a few that I almost always leave a comment with because I enjoy their blogs immensely such as Three Dog Blog (writings of a professional book reviewer/journalist) or Dear Little Red House (incredible photography!) Rambling Woods (a nature lover's blog) and Always with a Book (who was kind enough to assist me with my first blog tour), for instance. There are so many good blogs available, if one just takes  has the time to peruse them.

I've been blogging about books, one of my many loves that I just couldn't bear to be without, since last April.  I love to read the comments of those who take the time to introduce themselves and offer some input.  It makes me feel like someone out there cares about what I have to say. 

What entices you to comment?

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  1. When people comment on my blog, that gives me a bit of a push to make the effort to read and comment on other people's blogs. Other times, I will place comments if the post is particularly funny or engaging.

    Sometimes, it's just a matter of answering a question that I found in the post. Like in this one.

    Love the blog!


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