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Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Received: William and Kate: a Royal Love Story, A Pointed Death, Hot Leaders Cool Facilitators, Utopia Texas , and Tell to Win

I've enjoyed a cornucopia of packages in my mailbox this week.  Just Received is where I share the contents of those packages and introduce you to some new authors and their novels, biographies, non-fiction, etc. as the case may be.

Here's what I'm excited to have discovered this week:

William and Kate: A Royal Love Story
Author:  Christopher Andersen
Copyright 2011 Andersen Publications
Gallery Books, Simon & Schuster, Inc.
312 pages
Includes Colour photo section, Sources and Chapter Notes and Bibliography
Source:  I won this book from the publisher.

(from the back cover)  "Theirs is the story of two young people who found each other in college, came perilously close to losing what they had forever, and pulled back from the brink at the last possible moment.  Theirs is the story of private moments stolen for public consumption, of harrowing car chases, of scorching personal dramas played out behind the scenes, of calm heads prevailing in times of panic, and of a singular devotion made stronger by time."

The Saga of William and Kate is one thing above all else:  a love story. - from William and Kate:  A Royal Love Story

A Pointed Death (First in the Pointer Mystery Series)
Author:  Kath Russell
Copyright 2010
Publishers: Self-published
337 pages
Source:  Provided by the author for review purposes without remuneration of any kind.

(from the back cover)  "Can modern love, biotechnology, and murder mix?  They do so exceedingly well in the edgy new thriller, A Pointed Death by Kath Russell.  When techno whiz Nola Billingsley finds her former employee, an amoral creep who was stealing from startup companies, dead, she doesn't shed tears.  But she is determined to solve the crime, even as she begins falling for the detective assigned to the case.  Soon, though, both her life and her love are on the line,.

Can she solve the case-
and save her relationship?

With the help of her short haired pointer Skootch and the stunning backdrop of San Francisco, Nola unravels a helix of clues to find a murderer.  A Pointed Death reinterprets the thriller as never before.  Smart, funny, and full of plot twists and turns, A Pointed Death introduces a feisty female heroine solving crimes in the world of high finance, bioscience, and technology."

Hot Leaders Cool Facilitators: Learning to Lead One Meeting at a Time
Author:  Bart R. Wendell, PH.D.
Copyright 2010
Publisher:  Networlding Publishing
162 pages including Table of Contents and End Note
Source:  Supplied by the author for review purposes.  No remuneration was paid.

(from the back cover) ``Discover what great leaders know about meetings from a trusted advisor to CEOS and Boards.  Meetings are leadership laboratories, intense microcosms in which the leader`s style and substance are uniquely on public display.  Once someone has convened a meeting, his leadership will never be the same again.  This book is about how leaders can consciously use meetings to develop their executive skills from good to great.  Bart Wendell, Ph.D. is a business consultant and psychologist.  A master facilitator and trusted adviser, his clients have included The International Monetary Fund, PBS, NPR, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Fidelity Investments, The Ford Foundation, The United States Air Force Academy, and Rock Tenn, and he is a past seminar instructor at The Harvard Business School Executive Leadership Program.

Utopia Texas
Author:  Betty Byrd
Copyright 2008
Publisher:  Outskirts Press, Inc.
299 pages
Source:  Supplied by the author for review purposes.  No remuneration paid.

(from the back cover) "Are wealth and status worth the price-when that price is your own daughter?  Author Betty Byrd has seen it all-including drilling her very own oil well!  She now brings her unique vision and experience to Utopia Texas, a riveting tale of Brya Harrison, a woman created by chance and circumstance.  Part gambler, part geologist, Brya knows that in the West Texas oil country upbringing my not matter, but status is everything.  She has worked hard to secure her position, but she finds her plans unravel when she discovers that her daughter, Olivia, is somehow "different", and is forced to face the unfathomable-one startling revelation at a time.  Drawn into a maelstrom of events fueled by her daughter's indiscretions, Brya sets out to cover each one up-whatever the cost.  But will she be able to combat the demons plagueing her daughter as skillfully as she is able to face down her competition in the cutthroat world of big oil?

In this stunning followup to the author's debut novel, Trinitiy's Daughter, Betty Byrd has woven a brilliant tale of wealth, greed, love, and the pursuit of power-and how one particular woman holds her own in the male-dominated oil business."

Tell to Win:  Connect, Persuade, and Triumph With the Hidden Power of Story
Author:  Peter Guber
Copyright 2011
Publisher:  Random House
247 pages
Source:  Supplied by the YouCast for review purposes.  No remuneration paid.

(from the back cover) "If you can't tell it, you can't sell it.  More and more, success is won by creating compelling stories that have the power to move partners, shareholders, customers, and employees to action.

In Tell to Win, executive and entrepreneur Peter Guber shows how to move beyond soulless PowerPoint slides, facts, and figures to create purposeful stories that can motivate, win over, shape, engage, and sell.  To validate the power of telling purposeful stories, he includes a remarkably diverse number of 'voices'-master tellers with whom he has shared experiences.  They include YouTube founder Chad Hurley, NBA champion Pat Riley, film director Steven Spielberg, and physician and author Deepak Chopra.

After listening to the book's extraordinary mix of tellers, you'll know how to craft, deliver, and own a story that is truly compelling-one capable of turning others into viral advocates for your goal."

And that's what was in my mailbox this past week!!!  Some really excellent reading that I am excited to read and share with you!  Now, to just fit it all in.......

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