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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whatcha Reading Wednesdays 3/2/11


1. Share what you are currently reading or planning to start soon.
2. Link back to Busy Moms Who Love To Read

Here's mine:

This week I have been reading Nana: The Four Crystals by Guillermo Romano and was going to get started on our bookclub read, At Home in Mitford (a re-read), but was contacted by an author to let me know her virtual book tour has begun.  I just received the book about a week ago and didn't have notification until yesterday.  Oh, well.  That happens.  So now my reading priorities have been switched up and my full attention is focused on Betty Byrd's novel, Utopia Texas.  Watch for that review and a post by the author in the next few days!!  Her tour is going very well and it seems it will go on for a while yet because the interest is high.  What does that say about her novel?  Well, check back and see, won't you?

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  1. thanks for stopping by! Re: Leave It to Smith--I love Wodehouse. Very funny in that very British way. And lots of use of coincidence. I have to take him in doses, though. His books (whether they are the Blandings Castle series or the Jeeves & Wooster series) seem to run along the same track each time. I wouldn't want to read several in row, because I think they would start to get old.


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