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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Review: The Killing Game by J.C.Stevens

The Killing Game
Author:  J.C.Stevens
Copyright:  2011
Publisher:  Outskirts Press, Inc.
Pages:  141
Genre:  Crime/drama (the cover indicates true crime/espionage)

(from the back cover) "The Game of Killing is  Deadly Game...
The Killing Game is about a mob hit man forced out of retirement to kidnap and deliver a government witness but instead has a plan of his own to survive...The Killing Game."

This short book, a novelette I think would be appropriate, is action filled from beginning to end.  The story of a retired mob hit man, Bronson (Bronx) who leaves retirement for one last job.  He must kidnap Linda, who is about to turn evidence against a fellow mobster, and deliver her before she can reveal what she knows.  However, Bronson is tired of the killing game.  He was enjoying retirement. 

Bronson had lost it all, playing with the bad guys.  His wife was dead and his son in jail.  All he had left was the barber shop where he tried to eek out a living quietly obscured from prying eyes.  This last job may bring him the peace he desires.  How does he turn the tables?  You'll have to read this fast-paced story to find out.

Short and quick to read, this novelette is a fair story.  I enjoyed the plot and the twists that negated the plans initially set out.  Traitors and mafia keep this story interesting as they intertwine in their devious schemes.  But who will come out the winner?  You will find the ending a surprise.

Rated 3/5 a good story but not super memorable.  As I was reading, I kept thinking this would make a good tv movie.  Content advisory:  language and violence (not graphic) 

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  1. Not my genre of choice but looks like you thought it was ok. :) Have a good week.


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