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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stephen King's New Novel About JFK Assassination

President John F..Kennedy
The 1,000 page book will be titled 11/22/63, the date President John F. Kennedy was shot dead.  Imagine the pages of history being retold in Stephen King style! 

Jake Epping, a high school teacher in Maine, is asked to go back in time, via his friend's time-travel portal, to 1958 in an attempt to prevent the assassination.  Thus the plot is set.  Jake meets Lee Harvey Oswald but can he alter the events that will forever change America? 

This new book was announced just in time for the Kennedy miniseries which will air in Canada April 3 on History Television.  Tie-ins like this are a promotional dream as it promotes both the new novel and the miniseries.  Not that Stephen King needs much in the way of advertising.  According to "News" on Stephen King's Offical Website, the book is due to be in stores November 8, 2011.

"On November 22, 1963, three shots rang out in Dallas,

President Kennedy died, and the world changed.

If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequences be worth it?"

 Stephen King's



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