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Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Review: Good Returns: Making Money by Morally Responsible Investing by George P. Schwartz

Good Returns:  Making Money by Morally Responsible Investing
Author:  George P. Schwartz, CFA with William J. Koshelnyk
Copyright:  2010
Publisher:  The Barnabus Agency and Geodi Publishing
Pages:  191
Includes:  Table of Contents, Foreward, Introduction, Photo Section, Appendices A,B,C, and Index
ISBN 978-0-9844042-0-9

"Schwartz persuasively demonstrates that we can be successful investors without owning shares of companies that violate Catholic Church teachings" - Laura Ingraham, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

"George Schwartz, a highly successful mutual fund founder and investment manager, explains the important distinction between the pop culture notion of socially responsible investing and the narrower and more exacting demands of morally responsible investing.  He reminds investors that even the smallest shareholder is an owner of the corporation and therefore accountable for the moral suitability of its products, services and policies...." - Hon. James L. Ryan, U.S. Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit

Many people invest in stocks as their financial advisor recommends or they follow the stock market and hope they are choosing something that will profit them in the long run.  How many actually think about the companies they are buying stock in?  This book recommends the reader exercise some good moral judgment when choosing their investments.  Using the teachings of the Catholic church, George P. Schwartz presents some ideas that perhaps the average investor doesn't think about.  He advises his clients and now his readers to choose  investments based on what the company they're investing in stands for and the practices it supports. 

Good Returns offers good advice for the investor to do/consider before making their choices including some age old advice, reminders and tips before selecting where to put your money.  There are chapters on investment planning, how to diversify, hedge funds, annuities and so much more.  An eye-opener for sure, if you are looking to invest, consider the future you're investing in and the vehicle you are using to get you there.

I learned a lot from reading this book and I have a bit of a background in the financial industry.  The biggest message Mr. Schultz seeks to convey is that we can make a difference in our society by making well-informed decisions about our investments.

Rated 3/5  Good for those who are in the market, looking for good investments.  Mr. Schwartz has some excellent ideas for you.

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