"No one can be lonely who has a book for company." ~ Nelle Reagan

Review Policy

Welcome to My Bookshelf!

This blog is my instrument to discuss books, authors and news in the literary world.

I maintain the right to accept or deny a book based on subject matter or content.  I will not read for review graphic romance/erotica novels or anything that contains explicit sexual content, graphic violence, is degrading to a person or groups of persons, or contains regular use of profanity.  These are my personal preferences. If a content advisory is warranted, I will add it to my review at my discretion.

As I haven't yet entered the digital book era, I prefer hard copies over ebooks at this time. I love the properties of a physical hard copy! My Bookshelf is open to reading ARC's. If you are an author or publisher with works to be read for review, you may contact me at riverboat38@hotmail.com.


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