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Monday, July 11, 2011

Is Your Mechanic Ripping You Off? George A. Moyer Has a New Invaluable Manual for the Car Owner: "Don't Let Your Mechanic Pick Your Pocket!"

Don't Let Your Mechanic Pick Your Pocket!
Author:  George A. Moyer
Copyright:  2011
Publisher:  CreateSpace (Self-published)
Edition:  Paperback
Pages: 71, includes Table of Contents, diagrams, glossary of mechanic terms, Top Ten Lists
ISBN 978-1456319557
Source:  A copy was provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.


Available for purchase at: Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and the author's website http://www.mechanicsscam.com.  Also available as a Kindle edition from Amazon.com.

From the back cover: Written by a retired mechanic and shop owner who is tired of seeing people ripped off by less than honest mechanics.   "I was constantly having to defend my shop because of all the crooks out there!"  To fight back, he has spent the last two years compiling a list of the most common symptoms and what they mean.  He has transferred them into terms we can all understand and put them in a book small enough to keep in the glove box.  You will also find helpful hints, a glossary of the most frequently used terms, what they mean and much more.

This is the book most mechanics don't want you to have!  "It will pay for itself over and over again," says George.

This is a must for anyone who drives any vehicle anywhere in the world.

Review:  Tired of being ripped off at the mechanics?  Not sure what repairs are essential and what can wait?  A mechanic of more than 40  years has written the ultimate guide to assist you, the car owner, as you drive and maintain your vehicle.  Don't Let Your Mechanic Pick Your Pocket includes topics from daily, weekly, monthly must-do's; to essential repairs and non-essential, and knowing the difference; to determining the problem and what you, yourself can do to avoid the expensive repairs later on.  Don't Let Your Mechanic Pick Your Pocket is the ultimate guide, complete with diagrams of the car both under the hood and under the body.  Never before has such an invaluable tool been made available.

Don't Let Your Mechanic Pick Your Pocket is a most essential manual for every car owner!!  Keep it in your glove box and give a copy to everyone you know!  It is that valuable!!

Rated 5/5 for everyone!

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