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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Review: BadAss Business Women: The Manifesto

Badass Business Women:  The Manifesto
Authors:  Jessica Kizorek Michelle Villalobos, and Marci Alt
Publisher:  Kizorek Inc. (Self-published)
Copyright:  2010
Pages:  78
Genre:  Business
Source:  a copy was provided by the author in conjunction with Bostick Communications in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.


"Being a badass is a state of mind, regardless of one's gender.

Unfortunately, a business woman who is strong-willed, ambitious and clear about her goals is too often labeled a "bitch."  Being an edgy and vocal woman is not always celebrated in the business environment.

Being a card-carrying Badass Business Woman does not merely announce and unleash your inner badass.  Consider us a tribe - coming together, challenging and mentoring one another in today's male-oriented business world.

Being a Badass Business Woman is not about running stiletto-clad circles around men.  It's about gracefully striding forward in the business world with a radiant strength and confident dexterity that is uniquely female."

Review:  Badass Business Women: the Manifesto was written to carry forth the message that the group, Badass Business Women, seeks to portray, revolutionizing the way women in business express themselves and conduct themselves in the business world.  "We are impacting the way we see ourselves, the way we see each other, and the way our male colleagues relate to us."

The book is divided in three parts:  Parts One, Two and Three.  Part One focuses on the group, Badass Business Women, the purpose, and inspiration behind the movement.  Part Two focuses on the why, why is a group like this necessary, the male-oriented business world, stereotypes, why some women play dirty and what to watch for.  Part Three focuses on the movement, the idea, goals and a dream.

Badass Business Women, the book, lacks in substance as a form of reference for women who are seeking to have their voices heard and to be respected and it doesn't appear to have been designed as a reference book.  Rather,  Badass Business Women:  the Manifesto is more of an introduction to a women's movement whose goal it is to empower themselves and others in the workforce, so they might go forth in confidence, find the respect expected and deserved, while not being overpowering bullies without empathy.

It's an interesting concept and Badass Business Women:  the Manifesto serves to introduce the idea of a group which encourages businesswomen, young and old, established or starting out, to join forces for the common cause of equal rights and opportunities in the workforce with the desirable support to achieve business goals.

Are you a female entrepreneur who desires to be empowered, self directed, and unstoppable on the road to your success? 

"This movement is out to revolutionize the way women are viewed in the business environment. We will impact the way we see ourselves, the way we see each other, and the way our male colleagues relate to us."
This book is but an introduction to a "sorority" of women with common goals, dreams and desires.  Business savvy women and their cohorts are encouraged to check out the blog, watch the videos, and/or visit the Badass Business Women website for more information.

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  1. Hey! I appreciate the time you took to absorb the book and understand the purpose of it. Thanks!

    Jessica Kizorek, Founder, Badass Business Women.


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