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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Visual Dewey Decimal System

Yesterday my friend Kim and I visited an art exhibit housed in the same building as the St. Albert Library.  I had to see the visual dewey decimal system painted by an artist friend of Kim's that grace the windows of the library.  Victoria Armstrong is the artist of the window scenes and the mural and she is also a librarian on staff at the library.  You have to see this!

 Arts, sciences, history, etc. as categories of the Dewey Decimal System, are painted in the vanes of the windows of this library.  Can you spot the categories?

 Can you imagine being commissioned to paint this?  It turned out beautifully!

The above mural took some patience and careful planning as it had to fit around items like the fire alarm.  I think the shapes used to define the mural suit it perfectly.  While done out of necessity, one wouldn't know that this wasn't the original plan by the artist!

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