"No one can be lonely who has a book for company." ~ Nelle Reagan

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is Literacy a Problem in Your Child's School?

Since the 1970's provincial governments have been asking elementary schools to make do with continually shrinking budgets. The result is an increasing number of Canadian children growing up without books and the opportunity to develop essential literacy skills and a love of reading. Our mission is to give every child a strong literacy foundation and the chance to reach their full potential. We know we will get there with the help of Indigo's 7,000 employees and millions of customers by providing new books and educational resources to high-needs elementary schools. For more information visit Love of Reading.

April is National Poetry Month
Here's a friendly reminder to enjoy some poetry today.


  1. Dead by midnight was convoluted. I enjoyed it though.

  2. I think literacy is a problem in everyone's schools these days. I just wonder how we will combat the problems.


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