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Friday, April 22, 2011

Guest post book review: Quicksilver

Shirley, I absolutely agree with you. It did seem to have two different stories within the one book. I would say that Quicksilver is a well published book and that the author has a passion for writing. The characters are lovely, especially the two love birds Serry and Quinton. For the young girls like me, would instantly fall in love with Quinton and his dreamy eyes.

I quite enjoyed the book Quicksilver and hope that Joy Spraycar writes another. One thing that made me think twice though was the devil worshipping, that was a little dark for me but thankfully she didn't get into it too much and emphasize anything graphical. This type of novel would be best for older teenagers and young adults.


  1. The above guest post was written by my daughter and is her opinion and review of Quicksilver.

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