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Friday, April 22, 2011

Book Review: Quicksilver by Joy Spraycar

Author:  Joy Spraycar
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Copyright:  2010
360 pages
Genre:  YA Fantasy/Romance Thriller
ISBN:  978-1449054014
Source:  complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

From the cover:  "A recurring nightmare holds Serry Miller in its grip and has for most of her life.  In spite of her fear of the man who becomes a monster, she's in love with him.  Not only does she have nightmares while she sleeps, she's living in one with an abusive, alcoholic husband.

When Serry's drunken husband hits Quinton Worthington's car, she sees the face of the man from her nightmares on a stretcher entering the hospital.  When he looks at her and calls her by name, she is plummeted into a life that she has only dreamed about.

Quinton Worthington has suffered for over a hundred years.  That's when his evil father ripped Serenity, the love of Quinton's life, from him.  At the same time, he changed Quinton into a monster.

When Quinton sees Serry's face in the hospital, he believes that Serenity has come back, and he will do anything to be with her.  There's only one thing that stands in their way of having the life they want:  Quinton's father."

My thoughts:  The amazing cover art got my attention immediately.  Tescanu Elena artfully rendered the cover for this book including hidden elements that portray aspects of the plot.  I have raved about this cover for some time now and couldn't wait for the opportunity to read this debut novel by Joy Spraycar.

Vampires are out, werewolves are in!  That is the catchline at the top of the press release issued by Bostick Communications for Quicksilver.  Ok, I am ready for something new, I thought.  

My daughter read this book before I was able to due to other commitments and she really enjoyed it.  I however, have some reservations about this novel.

First off Quicksilver seemed like it could have been two books rather than the one.  There is a definite place within the plot where one climax is reached having followed a build up towards one goal.  From there, another plot seems to come into play.  While it continues the same story, it seems as if it is separate from the original plot.  My daughter noticed this too.

This is a story of unconditional love, romance and overcoming obstacles to culminate that love.  It is also a story of werewolves, white witches, familiars and the most evil of the pack who is a devil worshipper.  The latter part threw me and I almost quit reading at that point.  Thankfully it is not dwelt upon and passes quickly.  Language is clean and the love scenes are not graphic.  Joy Spraycar writes fluidly and with a passion. 

As the story line comes to a close, the reader is almost certain the author intends to follow Quicksilver with another novel.  There are hints, especially on the last page, that the story is not yet over.  Which is fine for the fantasy/romance thriller lover.  

Unfortunately, I am not so entranced with this story.  The love is beautiful and amazing, the sacrifices one makes for love believable, and the plot is, for the most part, pleasing.  This story just didn't enamour me.  But that's me.  The Young Adult readers would likely find it captivating.  If I were asked to read a follow-up novel to Quicksilver, I would likely agree to it if only to allow the author to reach me as a reader, to captivate me, and convince me of the gem within.

Rated 3/5


  1. I haven't heard about this one before, the idea does sound interesting.

    I love the title. Although from your review, I don't think this will be one I rush out to get.

    Jules x

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