"No one can be lonely who has a book for company." ~ Nelle Reagan

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Does Your Book Shelf Say About You?

Are you a romantic or a philanthropist or a philatelist?  Do you enjoy gardening or origami?  How about architecture, murder mysteries, pets, scrapbooking?  A book shelf says a lot about a person.  If you were to look at mine you would see a lot of John Grisham novels, some Carolyn Hart, several Agatha Christie but you would also see a favourite Danielle Steel novel, a couple Maeve Binchy books, all the Harry Potter and Twilight book comprising those series and more.  You'd learn I love horses, am spiritually minded, and have raised or am in the process of raising children.  You would see an entire shelf dedicated to architecture textbooks, magazines and photographic studies of architecture.  You would think that someone in the house may be an architect.  You'd be off, but just a little.  My son is an architectural technologist but has moved to Vancouver to further his career and left all his textbooks here (and then some).  Another left behind marine aquarium reference books and some landscaping books.  My husband has scouting handbooks and guides,  books about mountain biking and Lance Armstrong, in addition to guidebooks for hiking the West Coast Trail on the BC coast.

Then there are my daughter's books, kept in her room, which range from YA fiction to fashion. Plus all the cookbooks in the kitchen, the stacks on the coffee table, the end table and by my bed.  They've overtaken the house...not quite... but if you ask the family....

Now you have learned a lot about me and my family.  We are quite the eclectic mix, aren't we?  What is on your bookshelf?  What does your book case say about you?

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  1. Alas, I am the only reader in my house. If you were to look at my shelves you would find quite an eclectic mix--from Picoult to Grisham to Jane Greene....

    I love any book that can make me laugh out loud, chew my nails in fear or grab the kleenex for a good cry!


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