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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Book Beginnings on Fridays: Everything Was Good-bye (December 21/12)

Here's hoping the world hasn't ended and this post is going live!  Not that I believe it will at all, end that is.  This is my first time joining in with Rose City Reader in the Book Beginnings on Friday meme.

Book Beginnings on Friday is a bookish meme now sponsored by Rose City Reader (who was the originator).  Want to join in?  Just share the first sentence or two of the book you are currently reading, along with your impressions and thoughts or inspirations the quote inspires.  Please include the title and author's name. Link up each week at Rose City Reader (http://www.rosecityreader.com/2012/12/book-beginnings-cutting-for-stone.html).

Everything Was Good-bye
Author: Gurjinder Basran

Winner of the Search for the Great B.C. Novel Contest
Winner of the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize 2011
Chatelaine Magazine Book Club Selection 2012

"The smell of chai -- fennel, cloves and cinnamon -- tucked me into my blanket like a seed in a cardamom pod.  I steeped myself into the warmth of waking, listening to the sounds of Sunday morning."

Delicious!  The smells of a simmering Christmas potpourri comes to mind as I re-read the first sentence of this new novel.  Such imagery! I have only just begun reading Everything Was Good-bye but it holds promise!  

Where are your "book beginnings" taking you today?

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  1. I always like to read books that have won rewards. Hope you continue to enjoy it. Thanks for visiting.


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