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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (review)

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I attended The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey.  It was opening day and we selected the 3-D version at the Ultra AVX theatre (where we also saw Titanic).  The theatre had a few odd empty seats which surprised me.  Actually, The Hobbit.... premiered the previous evening to a standing ovation, the girl at the ticket counter told me.  She has seen it thrice and it just opened!!!  A few audience members applauded at the end of the showing yesterday but no ovation.

It was fabulous!!!  Of course it was gory and a lot of graphic fighting scenes splashed across the screen but despite that (and of course, we all expected it) the story was superbly told.  Casting of all characters was spot on and my husband could name all the dwarves who invaded poor unsuspecting Bilbo's home before they were introduced.  That's excellent casting, I say!  

From the "home invasion", an empty pantry, to giant spiders and wicked magic by a necromancer, we follow Bilbo as he begins a quest which he doesn't feel cut out for.  After all, hobbits don't like adventure!  Never before has a hobbit seen so much, been faced with so much and accomplished so much! 

The 3D effect, which I complained previously about not being necessary in most new films (Avatar being the only exception), did the story justice here.  It didn't come across overly enhanced; rather, it made the filming flow smoothly with great life.  I love the butterfly scene!  

All in all, it was stupendous!!!  Only one complaint, and I'm sure everyone will agree, it will take far too long for parts II and III to hit theatres!!!!

I think I will re-read The Hobbit before seeing the next two parts.  I've forgotten far too much!

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