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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Giveaway with Guest Author: Carrie Crain author of The Adventures of Austin Girl: The Legend of Diablo

I am excited to welcome author Carrie Crain as she celebrates the release of her delightfully charming tween novel THE ADVENTURES OF AUSTIN GIRL AND THE LEGEND OF DIABLO. She is an author of quirky comedies, adventurous romance and erotic horror including her 2013 erotic horror release, THE CONTRACT. Carrie received her bachelor of arts in Sociology from the University of Oklahoma and studied graduate-level screenwriting and creative writing in fiction at UCLA. When she is not writing, she is either painting, picking up dog poo, playing golf or writing lame jokes while drinking red wine. 

Contact Info: www.carriecrain.com
Twitter: @CarrieCrain and @LegendofDiablo

Austin Girl, the story’s heroine, is adorable, smart and feisty. She is thirteen going on twenty and she is thrown into a dystopian world where disco rules and the air reeks of polyester. 

I don’t think your title is long enough *laugh*
CC: I wanted to make it longer by adding the words, “magic” and “sword” LOL

Do you have some underlying angst with Disco?
CC: Yes! It’s called polyester and Leif Garrett. Bwahahah

There are many cats or cat-like people in this novel, what’s up with your obsession with felines?
CC: I grew up in the country with cats. There were always stray cats giving birth to kittens in our garage. I used to have nightmares that these cats would turn half human and hiss and make me eat my veggies and do my homework. * I was in 3rd grade.

Cat-obsessed Carrie is sharing her FUN FACTS from novel:

Fun Facts

  1. I used the word “eyeballs” ONLY once. I deleted three because my husband hated that word and would cringe every time he read it. He said the word was distracting. I deleted for you, honey. Which got me musing, what word makes you cringe? Leave a comment on my author website.
  2. I wrote the word “eyes” 71 times, I guess. I lost count at fifty.
  3. The exclamation point can be found six times.
  4. I can’t read maps and am enamored over magic swords.
  5. I love disco and wanted Austin Girl to hate disco and everything to do with the ‘70s.
  6. Skinny is a hipster.
  7. I actually saw a Chevy Pie Wagon at one of those antique classic car shows and pretty much wrote this story around that fact.
  8. Go-Go boots was used three times. I’ve seen the word “Go-Go” spelled “Go Go,” “go go,” “go-go,” and “Go-Go.” I stayed consistent and chose “Go-Go.” I’m sure a couple of my editors I hired are freaking out right about now. If any of y’all know for certain, leave a comment on my website.
Make sure you stick around and comment. Follow @CarrieCrain and @LegendofDiablo for double the chances. We’ll be giving away a copy of THE ADVENTURES OF AUSTIN GIRL AND THE LEGEND OF DIABLO either in paperback or e-book (winner’s choice).

Want to purchase Carrie’s novel, The Adventures of Austin Girl and the Legend of Diablo? Here are the buy links:

Smashwords – http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/251062

Due to lack of interest, this contest has been cancelled.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Please come by in the new year for more exciting contests!

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