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Sunday, January 29, 2012

So, if I want to get back into writing that novel I began over a year ago, I feel I need a little assistance with the planning, the plotting and the research.  I discovered this "You Can Write a Novel Kit" at the book store and decided to give it a try.  

It contains five notepads designed to aid the writer in the planning process:

  • Scene Development: Outline your crucial scenes to keep your story on track
  • Master/Major Character: Know what makes your main characters tick and how they move your story forward
  • Minor Character: Make sure each supporting player has a real part to play
  • Chapter Log: Maintain continuity from scene to scene and chapter to chapter
  • Revision Tracker: Keep notes on what you want to revise and how you plan to go about it
Also included is an instruction book, "You Can Write a Novel" by James V. Smith.  

It looks promising.  Ultimately it is up to me.  To do, to try, to write and believe.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi - I got this kit too and it is excellent so far. I'm finding the advice in the book on preparation is very important. The later chapters on style and editing are also very good - there are some very good tips on how to revise and polish your work for sale, I think. This is a great book to have at the ready and refer to again and again to remember all the tips. It's like a rulebook and umpire or referee might keep on hand when it's tough to "make a call." I've started my novel after getting this kit for xmas and think it'll see me through... cheers. Mark


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