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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Canada Wide Family Literacy Day

GOVERNMENT OF CANADA CELEBRATES FAMILY LITERACY DAY: Canada's Economic Action Plan invests in skills development

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, January 27, 2010—Improving literacy skills is essential to building stronger futures for Canadian families and strengthening our communities, said the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, today in marking Family Literacy Day.

“Family literacy helps children achieve in school, and it enables their parents to get jobs and build better futures for themselves and their families,” said Minister Finley. “That is why our government is investing in skills development, so Canadians have the opportunity to achieve and contribute to their communities and families’ well‑being.”

Created by ABC CANADA and Honda Canada in 1999, Family Literacy Day increases awareness of the importance of family literacy through a number of events and activities across the country.

“Family Literacy Day is a great way to rally Canadian communities and help raise awareness of the benefits of adults and children learning together,” said Ms. Margaret Eaton, President, ABC CANADA. “Literacy is more than reading and writing. Literacy can be practised by spending just 15 minutes of family time a day to read, play a board game, sing or follow a recipe together.”

For more information on these activities and to integrate literacy into your family activities, visit the ABC CANADA Web site at http://www.abclifeliteracy.ca/en/family-literacy-day, the Fédération canadienne pour l’alphabétisation en français Web site at www.fcaf.net and the National Adult Literacy Database Events Bulletin Board Web site at http://www.events.nald.ca/

This was a press release provided to media by the Government of Canada.

In keeping with Family Literacy Day, what are you doing?  Going to a bookstore, visiting the library, sharing a story, reading together?  Literacy, it's important for the success of all.

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