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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Received - The Faith of Ronald Reagan and Good Returns

The last day or two, I have been pleasantly surprised (well not surprised, really.  I did expect their delivery.) to find The Faith of Ronald Reagan and Good Returns in my mailbox!  Nothing brings a smile to my face like a new book or two to read! 

The Faith of Ronald Reagan by Mary Beth Brown is a look at the man behind the scenes.  A look into the faith of one of the most popular U.S. presidents, how his faith developed and was the "force" behind his success.  I have often thought Ronald Reagan was a wonderful president, and that is coming from a Canadian.  I don't have first hand knowledge as a citizen of the USA, but I recall many newscasts and the journalists who had the opportunity to get to know Mr. Reagan and his wife Nancy.  He accomplished much that was good for his country and, frankly, worldwide (ie. the fall of the Berlin wall) and always seemed to me to be an outstanding person.  This book is written by a New York Times and USA Today journalist whose husband worked within Reagan's administration.  She writes from the standpoint of someone who knew firsthand those who were in daily contact with the president.  Her insights and interviews of family members serve to encapsulate the character of the man and his faith.  I am about halfway through this book and I just started it today.  I look forward to more.

Good Returns by George P. Schwartz, CFA with William J. Koshelnyk raises awareness about morally responsible investing.  "When you buy stock in a company, you are not just holding a piece of paper.  You become part owner of that company, and that role includes some rights and responsibilities.  Your financial investment is supporting something, and you need to do the research to ensure that you are not supporting or tacitly agreeing to activities that are morally abhorrent to you." George P. Schwartz, author of Good Returns.  Have you ever thought of investments in that way before?  I hadn't.  Perhaps this is an eye-opener for us all.

I have my work cut out for me for a little while here with these two books and my current reading list.  What a happy predicament!  Can you see my smile?

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