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Friday, June 3, 2011

Do You Read Book Reviews?

Do you read book reviews? Whose do you trust? Do they affect your reading habits? Your buying habits?

I do read book reviews and have found some of my most favourite reads because of them.  Take for example, my favourite read of 2011, Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda, of which I read several reviews before adding it to my wishlist.  It turned out to be a phenomenal read and one I highly recommend.

I have favourite book bloggers whose reviews I trust, but I also read reviews in the New York Times, O Magazine, and the local newspapers.  Once I've read several good reviews for a book, generally I top-list the book for reading.   A good positive review definitely influences my reading and buying habits.

Have you read any good reviews lately?  What makes them so?  Is it the reviewer, their style, or the book, or a combination of all of the aforementioned?  Do reviews influence your book choices?


  1. I love reading book reviews but I tend to stay away from ones that include spoilers or reviewers that regularly include spoilers with no warning first!

    I'm off to have a look for that book you mentioned as I have never heard of it before.


  2. oh dear, i do hope people read book reviews, since that is my job and i take it VERY seriously!

    i go to great pains to pick out books that i think are worth holding up -- and i try to pick out books beyond the obvious best-sellers and authors everyone already knows.

    here's hoping your readers agree that book reviews and book review editors have value.

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