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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book Review: Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie

Cover of: Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie
this is a different cover than mine
Partners In Crime
Author:  Agatha Christie
Copyright:  1929*
Publisher:  *Dodd, Meade & Company
Current edition publisher:  The Berkley Publishing Group
Edition:  Mass market paperback
Pages:  230
Genre:  Crime drama/Mystery fiction
Source:  I purchased this book

This novel is a compilation of short stories originally published in newpapers.  These are stories of Tommy and Tuppence during the era when they took on running a detective agency.

My Review:
Tuppence is at a loss, bored and looking for something exciting, anything, when the Beresfords' old friend, Mr. Carter (who works for an unnamed government intelligence agency) arrives with a proposition for the couple, Tommy and Tupence Beresford.  Asked to take over 'The International Detective Agency' and pose as the owners where it is expected they will intercept messages from a Russian spy ring.  In the meantime, Tommy and Tuppence are to run the detective agencyto their liking which delights the young couple. They employ Albert, a young man introduced in The Secret Adversary, as their assistant at the agency.

They tackle several cases, in the style of famous fictional detectives such as Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, which makes great fun for them and the reader.

This was my first introduction to Tommy and Tuppence, that I recall, and I found their bantering charming, their sleuthing skills insightful and the cases interesting.  There is one case, that of The Unbreakable Alibi, that I had figured out long before the sleuthing couple did.  I enjoyed reading their reasoning and modus operandi as they worked to solve this case and the others within this compilation of short stories. 

A great read, particularly when you are in the mood for something short, like a short story.  Rated 4/5


For more information about arguably the best crime fiction/mystery writer of all time, see Agatha Christie.

This book counts as a read for the Vintage Mystery challenge.


  1. Tommy and Tuppence are so much fun! I think I first met them in N or M, which is still a great classic read.

    Russian spy rings FTW :)

  2. I love Agatha Christie, and I think that Tommy & Tuppence are my favorite of her detectives! Great review!

  3. oh wild, i have not read a AG novel in years. this i will place on my book list.
    note: my new url is

  4. I love Tommy & Tuppence! They are so good together. All the books that feature them are fun reads.

    I've got you updated.

  5. Harper Collins is re-releasing all the Agatha Christie novels in trade paperback. Each book will have a new cover design including Agatha Christie's signature font on the front cover! How exciting! Some titles are available now!

  6. what is the setting/time and plot of the book?


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