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Monday, September 19, 2011

A Stranger's Choice 9/19/2011

Continuing my series of A Stranger's Choice, I write today of a recommendation I received from a total stranger. I love to know what others are reading, and though this person was not reading the book at the time, he saw me looking for a business book in a local store and felt the desire to share something from which he had personally benefitted. He touted with great enthusiasm the book Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason.  He went on to say what a marvellous guide Richest Man in Babylon is and that he recommends it to everyone.  Most effective, he said, is to read this book 15 times and apply the principles taught therein. According to him, if there is one book on personal finances that everyone should read and that we should give a copy of to each of our children, it is Richest Man in Babylon.  In closing he said it  is the best $12 you could spend!

So in true fashion, I had to investigate this little book.  Here is what I found:

Format:  Mass Market Paperback
Published:  February 7, 2011
ISBN 9780451205360
Genre:  Business/Personal Finance

The Richest Man in Babylon was first a series of pamphlets issued by the author, George S. Clason, in 1926 consisting of parables of Babylon which taught principles of finance.  These pamphlets were quite popular with banks and financial institutions which distributed them to their customers.  Later these pamphlets were compiled into one volume known as Richest Man in Babylon.  Though this book is short in pages, its content speaks volumes.

Near the beginning it reads:


Start thy purse to fattening
Control thy expenditures
Make thy gold multiply
Guard thy treasures from loss
Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment
Insure a future income
Increase thy ability to earn

Chapters include:

An Historical Sketch of Babylon
The Man Who Desired Gold
Richest Man in Babylon (for which the book is titled)
Seven Cures for a Lean Purse
Meet the Goddess of Good Luck
The Five Laws of Gold
The Gold Lender of Babylon
The Walls of Babylon
The Camel Trader of Babylon
The Clay Tablets from Babylon
The Luckiest Man in Babylon

I have yet to read this entire book, having just begun prior to writing this post, but I will let you know my opinion when I have completed it.  Shall I read it 15 times before reviewing it, not likely.  But you will get a good idea of its potential nevertheless.  Who in this day and age cannot benefit from some sound financial advice, I cannot say.  I'm sure the majority of us can.  So....stay tuned.....

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