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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Highlights from Random House Fall Preview

Last Wednesday I  attended the Random House Fall Preview.  The presenters of the evening, Duncan, Jennifer and Carole (my apologies for not being clear on her name) were dynamic, especially Jennifer!  Due to road construction in the area, it was a bit difficult to maneuver the downtown area to get to the Stanley Milner Library and the parkade and having done so, I arrived a bit too late to see who the author was.

But the remainder of the evening (late afternoon, early evening) was spectacular!  This is the first year that I am aware of them presenting all guests with a pre-packed bag with a selection of three books and one chap-book (the sequel to SECRET).  Amidst the presentation, prizes of t-shirts and other miscellaneous items were awarded for answering a few trivia questions.  All that aside though, the best part of the evening was the presentation itself!

The Top 15 highlights as I see them (not necessarily in this order):

1.  How to Feed a Family by Laura Keogh and Ceri Marsh.  This cookbook is based on the blog "Sweet Potato Chronicles" which is a fun and playful approach to feeding your family.  The book runs along the same concept.

2.  The Son of a Certain Woman by Wayne Johnston.  This novel is the story of a boy, with a large birthmark, born to the town's or even the country's most beautiful woman.  It's a laugh out loud read and a good introduction to the author.

3.  The Once and Future World by J.B. Mackinnon.  This novel will see a major media tour and a major exhibit at the Vancouver Museum based on this book about what nature once was and what it may become.

4.  The Circle by Dave Eggers is for the lovers of social media.  Picture a "Silicon Valley" type work place and a new employee who starts a new job with a minute description of her job but who gets the finger wag from the head of HR when she goes away for the weekend for a family emergency, on her own time mind you, but is not to be found anywhere on social media.  "gasp".   She was "unavailable".  Apparently the biggest sin in this company!

5.  Legends, Icons & Rebels by Robbie Robertson, Jim Guerinot, Sebastion Robertson, and Jared Levine is a books of beautiful frame able photography of legends and icons.  There are four pages per artist and 2 CDs of their music.  Terrific gift for the music lovers.

5.  Longbourn by Jo Baker.  Attention Pride and Prejudice fans!  Here's one told from the point of view of the help, not unlike Downton Abbey.  Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice with this perspective.

6.  Eye of Minds by James Dashner.  A new series begins with this novel by the same author of Maze Runner and that series.  Action packed book highly recommended for boys.

7.  Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town by Stephen Leacock.  An October release told in graphic novel form.  You simply must touch this book!

8.  Correspondences by Anne Michaels.  A beautiful gift book that folds out like an accordion featuring the poetry of Anne Michaels and the illustrations of Bernice Einstein.  I put a star by this one as a book I definitely want to add to my collection.

9.  An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth by astronaut Chris Hadfield.  This book will see an enormous nation-wide tour, including Edmonton!!  Hadfield got everyone's attention with his recent trip to space and his satellite communications with various classrooms!  Not only for the space enthusiast, future astronauts, but as an encouragement to pursue your dreams.

10.  Perfect by Rachel Joyce.  Yes, the same author who wrote The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry!  This novel is about perception and how one person's perception can change relationships and alter lives.

11.  This Land Was Made For You and Me (But Mostly Me) by Bruce McCall and David Letterman.  Yes, the one and only David Letterman of late-night television!  This cute book features quirky and crazy cottages and is illustrated by Bruce McCall.  Imagine a cottage on skis!  Indeed!

12.  99 by Al Strachan.  This is the only authorized biography of the great Wayne Gretzky.  Al Strachan has the privilege of being the only writer to have the opportunities to interview Gretzky, getting to know him as few do.

13.  Toxic Toxout by Bruce Laurie and Rick Smith.  All the gross stuff you are taking in, all the toxins in the air and in what we eat, and how to get them out of your body.

14.  The Start Here Diet by Tosca Reno and Billie Fitzpatrick.  This is predominately a memoir of a woman whose life was not going in the right direction, who suffered abuse, and who turned her life around. Tosca shares how she did it and includes five easy tips for diet and exercise.

15.  Hollow City by Ransom Riggs.  From the author of the peculiar novel Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, the story continues with this new novel for YA and adults.

Appealing?  Tell me about it.  Really, do tell.  What interests you of the 15 highlighted here?

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