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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time Will Tell by Julie Coulter Bellon (book review)

Time Will Tell
Author:  Julie Coulter Bellon
Published:  March 1, 2006
Publisher:  Spring Creek Book Company
Pages:  224
Format:  Trade paperback
ISBN 9781932898484
Genre:  Romantic Suspense/LDS Fiction
Source:  I borrowed a copy from the author's father (Thank you Robert for introducing me to this author!) which in no way influenced my opinion of the novel.

From the cover:

Jason Wright, a former undercover operative, is now selling his country’s secrets to the highest bidder. If he is successful, his actions will set off a chain of events with worldwide repercussions. Andrew Blythe, a Canadian CSIS agent, races against time to stop the exchange, knowing that a dangerous terrorist organization is using Jason to try to gain control of the Baku oil leases in the Caspian Sea. If they win, the terrorists will have a controlling interest in the world’s energy market and be able to finance a weapon of mass destruction.

From GoodReads:  After a chance encounter with Andrew Blythe, a Canadian CSIS agent, Ashton Carlson becomes the target of terrorists and is swept up in the sinister world of espionage. Andrew will have to stay one step ahead of the game to keep Ashton alive and the terrorists from carrying out their plan and all is lost. From the rugged terrain of Turkey to the Rive Thames in London, this novel will take you down a path you'll never forget.

My Review:  
The prelude to Time Will Tell is an emotional beginning as the main character's son is killed in a car accident while serving a mission for his church in England.  Following which, an already rocky marriage ends, leaving Ashton alone.  Relying on her LDS faith, Ashton moves forward, with a career and life alone.  A trip to England to visit friends takes a whirlwind turn when Andrew commandeers her vehicle and the two careen through the city, racing to the airport while evading a danger unbeknownst to Ashton.   Afraid he will be compromised, Andrew leaves a thumb-drive in Ashton's briefcase which sets off a chain of events that finds Andrew and Ashton together again.  The chemistry is strong between Andrew and Ashton, but the mission is high priority.  The thumb-drive, which Ashton mistakenly mailed to her friend, must be located to save the country and Ashton's life.

Time Will Tell is a fast-paced suspense novel of espionage which incorporates clean romance and faith.  I like the role model the reader sees in Ashton.  She is independent yet reliant upon her faith, confident and strong, and despite her heartbreak, still willing to open her heart to others.  I recommend this for lovers of romantic suspense who prefer their romance clean.  Time Will Tell is my first Julie Coulter Bellon novel but it will not be the last.  No language, nor compromising scenes to be found here.  Just good clean adventure, with a helping of romance on the side.

Rated 4.5/5

About the Author:
 Julie Coulter Bellon is the author of six international suspense novels: Through Love's Trials, On the Edge, Time Will Tell, All's Fair, Dangerous Connections, and Ribbon of Darkness. You can read deleted scenes from All's Fair at her website, www.juliebellon.com.  She also has one non-fiction title: Be Prepared: A Parent's Guide to the Duty to God and Eagle Scout Awards---What You Should Know and is part of a true Christmas story compilation, How Will Christmas Find Us. 

She is the mother of eight children and when she's not busy being a mom or a writer, you will find her browsing through bookstores to add to her book collection, at the library borrowing books, or reading the treasures she's found. You can keep up with Julie at her blog:  http://LDSWriterMom.blogspot.com  (from GoodReads)

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