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Friday, May 20, 2011

Author News!!! New John Grisham novel coming out this fall!!

The Next John Grisham Title Announced

Just in time for BEA, Doubleday has announced that the next John Grisham legal thriller is The Litigators. On sale October 25.   It will also be available for library lending as an ebook. The cover image has not yet been released.

THE LITIGATORS by John Grisham
Publishers:  Doubleday
On-Sale Date: 10/25/11
HC: 9780385535137
E-book: 9780385535250

Can't get enough of John Grisham?  Look for his work coming to tv this fall!  John Grisham is co-producing a series for NBC this fall based on his book, The Firm.  You may recall it was made into a movie, starring Tom Cruise, in 1993.


  1. Thanks for dropping by Shirley. I highly, highly recommend Terry Pratchett's books, so do pick up a Discworld novel sometime :)

    Thanks for commenting on the author giveaway also!

  2. THis is the best Grisham in a long time. THe ambulance chasing partners who make up the firm of Finley and Figg along with their street tough, long suffering secretary are a delight. Along comes young David Zinc who is burned out at his job at a prestigious law firm and who wants to start his career again. Mix them all together and you have a engrossing story that I could barely stand to put down.


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