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Monday, November 12, 2012

Kris Kringle's Magic by Diane Tolley (Book Review)

Kris Kringle's Magic
Author:  Diane Stringam Tolley
Published:  October 2012
Publisher:  Cedar Fort Publishing
Pages:  176
Source:  a PDF version was supplied by the author. 
 This by no means bears influence on my opinion of this novel nor my review thereof.

About Kris Kringle’s Magic
Filled with messages of love, forbearance, humanity and courage, Kris Kringle’s Magic is the perfect Christmas story for the whole family.  Using the dark themes of slavery and abuse, it proves that, with love and spiritual courage, one man can make a difference in the lives of thousands.  Let Kris Kringle’s Magic change your world!
My Review:
In one word:  superb!  I finished this short novel in a day, with several interruptions,  so the average reader could read it in one sitting.  I am certain that I will want to read it again, so when Diane Tolley appears at my local book store for a book signing, I will be sure to pick up a copy.  

Everyone the world over has heard of Kris Kringle, aka Santa Claus, but the tale of how he came to reside at the North Pole and the magic of the elves has never been told in such fashion before.  Diane opens the story of Kris Kringle's Magic with the meeting of Kris Kringle and Rebecca in a small town where elves are servants to the humans.   Kris, who is but a teenager himself, takes offence at their treatment and strives to correct how society sees and treats them.  It is his behaviour and values that win the heart of the future Mrs. Claus.  

The accomplishments of the power of infinite love, through various trials and triumphs,   are the perfect examples of love, courage, and fine humanity we wish the world would embrace.  Kris Kringle may not be perfect in his efforts but he means well and in the end he shines as beautifully and fantastic as a fairy tale Prince Charming.  Strong messages of charity and love abound in this short novel which reinforce the message of Christmas:  to love one another.

Highly recommended as a family read for Christmas.  Kris Kringle's Magic is sure to be a welcome tradition in your home!

About the author:

Mrs. Tolley is a former rancher and a full time mother, grandmother of 12 and journalist.  Raised by author parents on one of the last old ranches in Southern Alberta, her books reflect the values and sense of family that are so much a part of ranch life.  Her short stories may be read at www.dlt-lifeontheranch.blogspot.com.

Diane Stringam Tolley
Carving Angels
Kris Kringle’s Magic
Cedar Fort Publishing

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