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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Indigo Love of Reading Program Puts Books in Schools

Indigo, Chapters and Coles are helping to put books on the shelves of local schools.  Have you visited your children's school library.  So many have so few books, particularly inner city schools.   The following are excerpts from their site:

Three days to launch!
Posted on September 9, 2010
Three days until we kick off Adopt a School in our stores and online!
From Sep 12-Oct 2 we're going to fill school libraries across Canada!

Building bookshelves in your local school

This September, Indigo, Chapters and Coles stores across the country have adopted schools in their communities to help put new books in the library.

Help us meet our goal of putting one new book for every child in to our adopted schools. Find a school near you, donate and spread the word to your friends and family.

Imagine a childhood with no storytelling
No poetry.
No magic.
You don’t have to imagine it.
We have a literacy crisis in our schools now.
To learn what the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation is doing to address the literacy crisis, visit about Love of Reading.
Transform your local school’s library
Books unlock vast worlds of imagination.

Your support can help turn our adopted schools' dreams of having books into a reality.
Put a book into the hands of a child – find a school near you and donate today.

Random House of Canada

Random House of Canada is proud to be the primary publishing partner of the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation Adopt a School program.

We are excited to recognize schools’ and stores’ fundraising efforts with the Random House Book Package Reward which puts even more books into the school libraries helping their children develop a love of reading.

A young booklover's 'Ode to a Book'

"A book is like one million dollars.

A book [is] for my imagination.

Like food for my brain.

The knowledge that they give.

Is like a fantasy to me."

-Student, Ogden Elementary School, Love of Reading grant recipient.

Learn how the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation is helping open a world of possbilities by putting books into the hands of children. Visit Building bookshelves in your local school


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