"No one can be lonely who has a book for company." ~ Nelle Reagan

Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Live the Book

The joy of books knows no bounds.  Do you agree?

I know two people who have e-readers and who recently decided they needed to go on a book buying binge because they missed the physicality of a book.  Have you ever felt this way?  I don't have an e-reader because I know that I would miss the very essence of a book. It's not just the story for me.  I love to hold the book, to smell it, to gently break it in, and to spend hours immersed within its pages.  How does an e-book even compare? Tell me, do you feel the same?  Anyone?


  1. I do love my Nook, but I do agree that I love the feel and smell of a book. That is why I alternate :)

  2. I was speaking with a lady today who loves her e-reader while her husband swears by the physical book. To her credit, she defended her preference in that should they have a fire or some other disaster, all her books are backed up online and she is doing her part to save the environment: no trees cut down for her books.

    I could see using an e-reader occasionally, but I will always love the physical book. It's something tangible I can see and hold, thus the experience of reading is increased by involving more senses. That's my take, or part of it, anyway. :)

  3. I love my nook, but the hardcovers look better on the shelves. If I really love something that I've read on my Nook, I will get it in print.

    Right now, I mostly only buy books on sale, hard to get, or some other thing, like not liking how the print copy is bound. Their normal price is not really much cheaper than print, especially if I get it from the Barnes and Nobles bargin section.


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