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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Titanic: a month of remembrance begins today (free ebook link)

To kick off the month of April and a tribute originating with Miss Remmers' Reviews, we take a look back at the Titanic, the greatest ship of its time, deemed unsinkable.  But the unthinkable happened when the Titanic struck an iceberg and several factors came into play .... factors that no one could have had the forethought to prevent the tragic losses that arose when the great ship arose perpendicular and slid beneath the frigid waters of the Atlantic ocean on April 15, 1912.  A century has passed since but the world still is enamoured with the legacy and the promise that is and was the Titanic.  

The loss so tragic and unexpected gives us pause to remember, to pay homage to the dead and to the survivors.  This month and  year let us recall with respect to honour those dead and those who survived and especially those who mourned the loss of loved ones on that fated day 100 years ago.

To begin this month of remembrance, I am including a link to a free e-book titled Thomas Andrews Shipbuilder, courtesy of Project Gutenberg.  Just click on the title to read.

Join me often this month for news, novels and non-fiction commemorating the Titanic.

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