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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bon Voyage! The Titanic Sets "Sail"

100 years ago today, the finest ship of the White Star Line left Southampton Pier, setting off for Queensland where she would begin her maiden voyage.

On board were 337 First-class , 271 Second-class and 712 Third-class or steerage passengers.  It was here, at Southampton, that the Titanic narrowly avoided colliding with the much smaller New York, with three feet to spare.  Titanic's three propellers created an enormous suction, pulling the New York vessel from its moorings.  

New York vessel being pulled away from the Titanic by a tug boat.

The Titanic arrived at Cherbourg. France at 10 pm the same day and was anchored for two hours as more passenger boarded.  At 9pm that evening, the Titanic left Cherbourg for Queenstown, Ireland where she would arrive the following day.  

Some would later say that the incident with the New York vessel was a bad omen for the journey ahead.

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