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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why do Canadians Pay More for Books?

There is one miff/complaint we hear every now and then in the book selling industry and this is, "Why do Canadians have to pay more for books than our neighbouring country the USA?  Especially when our dollar is at par or valued higher than theirs!"

There are a few things to consider when seeking the answer to this question.  One, shipping and taxes and tariffs.  It costs more to send books to Canada than to ship across the states.

Two, the dollar fluctuates.  Sometimes we are higher and sometimes lower.  It is not often at par nor higher in value than the US dollar.  

For more answers to this question that sometimes brings out the worst in a good natured person, especially when the economy is slow, visit Stacey Brotzel's (of CITYTV Edmonton) blog where she investigates the discrepancy in pricing standards.  She brings up some excellent points to consider when questioning pricing practices of not only the book industry, but all retail.  

Oh, and one more thing, most bookstores at the majority of the time have their prices set by the publisher, not the author, nor the store itself.  So, if you are still upset with the cost of a new book, tell the publisher.

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  1. I've always wondered this. Though I'm in the U.S., I see both prices on books. It is unfortunate.


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