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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

Books to movies.  As far as the transition from book to movie, this one is a hit!  Possibly the best in the series thus far, Breaking Dawn part 1 has left an impression on me... I have to see it again!  Don't you love it when that happens?  You have just seen the movie, but you have the strongest desire to view it once more?  This is one of those!

"You are cordially invited to the event that will change everything...."

Beginning with the wedding invitation, Breaking Dawn scintillatingly continues the saga of Edward, Bella and Jacob.  Opening scenes include a variance of emotions from worry, joy, and anger in response to the wedding invitation.  Bella (Kristin Stewart) walks arm in arm with her father down the aisle in the forest clearing.  She wears a gorgeous white gown with a solid bodice and cutwork lace revealingly open in the back just beyond her waist and fitted perfectly to her figure with a small train skimming the ground behind.  In her hair, the veil is held in place with a comb of vintage nature adorned with blue jewels.  Something old, something new, something blue.....  The groom, Edward (Robert Pattinson) waits in a black tux with the priest at the head of the aisle.  Former classmates and family are seated on willow benches adorned with white blossoms, an extensive vampire representation abides.

"No measure of time with you will be long enough....but we'll start with forever."

Marrying a vampire is deadly enough but what about having his baby?  (Sorry if you haven't read the book or seen the movie yet.)

"That's impossible..."

Did Kristen Stewart really lose all that weight or is this the trick/magic of photo editing?  From emancipation during pregnancy to death, Bella endures to bring forth precious life but not without the rising threat of the wolf clan.  Will Jacob carry out the sentence of death?  Can Edward save Bella?

The dramatic effects are getting better with each movie.  However, the wolf scene wherein the clan communicates via telepathy is a bit corny.  It just doesn't come off as authentic.  If you have seen the movie, do you agree?  Makeup on some of the actors still is too heavy.  Alice's and Bella's looks fine now but Dr. Cullen and his sons look far too pasty.  I keep hoping the makeup artists will find a solution for that while still projecting the vampire bloodless face image.

While others in the audience maneuvered to the exits, during the credits, my companions and I stayed to watch.  If you didn't stay, let me tell you, you missed an additional scene.  Span to Italy, to the Volturi as they receive the wedding announcement.  So, is the trouble with the Cullen clan then over?  Or has it just begun?  Dun dun dun dun.......  When is part II scheduled to be released anyway?  November 16, 2012! The waiting is far too prolonged for the conclusion of one of the most dramatic books-to-movies series, don't you agree?  Looking for the Christmas audience, I'm sure, but why not May or June?  Hype, hype, hype!


  1. I saw this on the premiere date, 16th Nov, and I haven't been able to stop laughing about it. Some of it was really good, like hwo sickly they made Bella look during pregnancy (Kristen did lose a lot of weight for that part, but most of it is make up and other tricks), there was more humour in this than the others and I love and adore every scene that Charlie (Billy Burke) is in - he owns them.

    I agree with the warewolf scene - I laughed so hard I cried and people got annoyed, same when the warewolves fight the vampires at the end of the movie - very bad cgi.

    Carlisle looks a mess - his make up, his hair, his not wearing a scarf. It's weird to me that the hair and makeup in keeps getting worse each movie - they have more money now, so you'd think it'd only get better.

    Epic fail (if you missed it, which most people apparently did) Edward doesn't sparkle when they are on their honeymoon. How did they miss that?

    And I missed the Volturi scene, why did they put that after the credits? I may go see it again when it's half price and less gushing teenagers around me.

    Also, Stephenie Meyer at the wedding was a bit silly, imo.

  2. I haven't had the chance to go see this yet!! I'm hoping to go this week!


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