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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whats the First Book You Ever Read More Than Once?

This week's question for Booking Through Thursday is:

What’s the first book that you ever read more than once? (I’m assuming there’s at least one.)

What book have you read the most times? And–how many?

The first book I ever read more than once would have to be Black Beauty.  It was a gift from my grandparents who knew of my love for horses at a very young age, elementary, and knew I would appreciate this novel by Anna Sewell.  It still have that original book, now coverless, and another just like it with the cover intact.  I lost count how many times I read it, but it is likely the book I've read more often than any others I own.  

This photo (above) contains some of my favourite childhood books.  Of course, they are all about horses.  There is one, though, that I have yet to get a copy of and desperately want to.  It is Marguerite Henry's The White Stallions of Lipizza.  It would be a close second to most read book.

What is the first book you ever read more than once?  Can you recall how many times you read it?


  1. I also re-read Black Beauty countless times as a child. I still have it on my bookshelf and one day, it will become my daughter's. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh dear, it seems we're at a stalemate. Although, perhaps, you're ahead. While you never reread The Secret Garden, I've never read Black Beauty before. Argh! Shame on me. ~_~

    Thanks for stopping by. ^_^

  3. Oh, I must read White Stallion of Lipizza, since the Lipizzan horses originate from my home country, Slovenia. Never hear of this book before though, thanks for bringing it to my attention. And thanks for sopping by my blog.

  4. Good re-reads.


  5. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Hmm...come to think of it I've never read a book about a horse, children's or otherwise.

  6. First let me thank you for visiting me today. Therefore, you already know I am not a re-reader of books. I really have to many on my bookshelves waiting to be read, and there is only a few hours in my days devoted to reading.

  7. Thanks for visiting me. I do truly love beauty and have read it many times but my grandfather, whom my blog is made after, got me into reading the bible yearly once I started reading. I remember trying to skip over all the hard name only to have him caught me. So the Bible is my first book. And I can not remember how many times I have read it all the way through.

    Edwards Granddaughter

  8. Look for Marguerite Henry's The White Stallion of Lipizza on ABE.com or go specifically to this URL:


    I used to sell books online at ABE.com and checked there for you. There are some good prices right now, and by that I mean today or this week. Obviously, it could change at any time, if someone else decides to buy that particular book. Good luck!

  9. Thank you Bonnie. I will have a look. :)

  10. I read Little Women over and over and over! I read Little House in the Big Woods a million times too!


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