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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Remembering Ray Bradbury

August 22, 1920 to June 6, 2012, a long encompassing story began and ended in the passing of a masterful storyteller, Ray Bradbury.  He was 91.

In what may be his last written work, an autobiographical article appeared June 4, 2012 in the New Yorker.  Now, just days later, this article is not only a look back over his childhood influences but, eerily, a look forward to the end.  Did he, perhaps, have an insight of the end of his time here?  

"I memorized all of “John Carter” and “Tarzan,” and sat on my grandparents’ front lawn repeating the stories to anyone who would sit and listen. I would go out to that lawn on summer nights and reach up to the red light of Mars and say, “Take me home!” I yearned to fly away and land there in the strange dusts that blew over dead-sea bottoms toward the ancient cities."  (Read more here:   http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/06/04/120604fa_fact_bradbury#ixzz1xJ7GEY14.)

August 22, 1920 Ray Douglas Bradbury was born to parents Leonard Spalding and Marie Bradbury in Waukegan, Illinois. Ray Bradbury's prolific career includes the novels Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Martian Chronicles.  During his life he wrote novels, short stories and screenplays, including a seven year run of the Ray Bradbury Theatre.

                  The opening theme from Ray Bradbury Theatre

Lastly, I'd like to share some pearls of wisdom from this prolific author.  In this video Ray offers advice to those whose dream it may be to follow in his very footsteps, that of authordom.

Gone, but not forgotten.  His legacy lives on in his many works.

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