"No one can be lonely who has a book for company." ~ Nelle Reagan

Friday, June 15, 2012

June 16th is Save the Bookstore Day!!!

Tomorrow, June 16th is save the bookstore day!!!  I have selected the bookstore I will visit tomorrow.  Have you?  Here's a hint....it's my favourite second-hand bookstore!  There's a prize in it for the person who guesses it right.  (I haven't decided what yet, this was written on a whim, but rest assured you will like it!)  Check out my previous blog posts for hints, just type in second hand bookstore in the search field and voila!


  1. Well, I did my part to support a local bookstore, an independent one, in fact. I came home with five books! Upon a friend's recommendation, I purchased three Iris Johannson novels Eve, Quinn and Bonnie and the other two are old classics in worn hard covers. I think they'll look great on the mantel and I may even read them!

    Did you support your local bookstore for Save the Bookstore Day?

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  3. I love local bookstores. I did not know about this wonderful day- but I support them regularly. I will make a visit this week! :) What an awesome day to have out there in the world!


  4. Thanks Jess! It's people like us who support the independently owned businesses that keep these smaller stores going!

    I like the big chain stores too, don't get me wrong, but I patronize both regularly!


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