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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oath of Office

Oath of Office
Author:  Michael Palmer
Publisher:  St. Martin's Press
Published:  February 2012
Pages:  384
Genre:  Mystery/Fiction/Medical Suspense
ISBN:  9780312587536
Also available as an e-Book
Source:  a complimentary copy was provided by the author and St. Martin's Press for review purposes.  This in no way influenced my opinion nor this review.

Michael Palmer Official Website: http://www.michaelpalmerbooks.com
Michael Palmer on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/michaelpalmerthrillers
Michael Palmer on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Michael_Palmer

What if a well-respected physician inexplicably embarks on a murderous rampage?

When Dr. John Meacham goes on a shooting spree at his office, his business partner, staff, and two patients are killed in the bloodbath before Meacham turns the gun on himself.  Much of the blame for the tragedy falls on Dr. Lou Welcome, who had worked with Meacham for years after the man's medical license had been suspended for alcoholism and for losing his temper with an uncooperative patient.

Lou knew that Meacham was an excellent doctor and advocated strongly for his return to medicine once his demons had been overcome.  After hearing news of the horrible, inexplicable outburst, Lou is in shock like everyone else.  But mostly he is incredulous.  And when he begins to look into matters, terrifying discoveries take him down a path to an unspeakable conspiracy that appears to lead directly to the White House and to those in the highest positions of power.

My Review:

Michael Palmer offers up yet another medical suspense novel, Oath of Office, with fabulous fast-paced action, mystery, conflict and a bit of gore.  The prologue opens with Dr. John Meacham going on a shooting rampage in his office, muttering "no witnesses, no witnesses."  From there, things get more bizarre involving Meacham's wife driving with excessive speed and lack of caution, determined to warn a driver ahead of the hazard she noticed in having only one tail light.  A young cook, mesmerized watching the quick slice of the blade of another chef as he slices carrots, reaches his hand toward the blade for a slice of carrot, severing his thumb almost completely in the process.  A woman, former patient of John Meacham, decides to give herself liposuction.  All erroneous lapses in judgment, deadly for some.  What is happening in Kings Ridge?

As Dr. Lou Welcome is suspended, not from his practice, but from a health services organization designed to assist the medical, mental and emotional needs of doctors, he feels the burden of the partial blame in the tragic killings by another doctor.  His need to understand and his desire to always help others, takes him on a surreal life-endangering course to investigate the mystery behind the mind-boggling events in Kings Ridge.  The deeper he becomes involved, the more dangerous, and the more obvious the ties to those in the highest government positions.  

The crazier, the more hazardous the situation, the more difficult it was to put down Oath of Office.  Dr. Lou Welcome is tough, intelligent, handsome, kind and incredibly likeable.  He is the perfect protagonist. His relationships are genuine and deep; his commitments to come to the aid of others, without fail; and it is perfectly understandable the attraction that develops between him and a certain other beautiful lady. 

The entire premise of the novel, which I cannot share without revealing too much of the plot, is totally plausible.  When you read Oath of Office, it will give you cause to ponder that which we take for granted every day, yes every day.  Is it safe?  Is it real?  Hmmm, now I've got you thinking.  

You really must pick up this novel.  It's an adventure, suspenseful for sure, a bit romantic (but clean), and mind-boggling.  You will not leave this novel thinking the same way you did before reading it.  I can guarantee it!

Meet the Author:
Michael Palmer is the author of sixteen novels of medical suspense, all international bestsellers.  His books have been translated into thirty-five languages.  In addition, Palmer is an associate director of the Massachusetts Medical Society Physician Health Services, devoted to helping physicians troubled by mental illness, physical illness, behavioural issues, and chemical dependency.  He lives in eastern Massachusetts.

Also available:
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  1. Stopping by from the Hop. I do love a good mystery/thriller, but there's only so many hours in a day, and I can barely keep up with my primary genres. I will keep Palmer in mind, if I see his books at the library.

  2. The author has generously offered a give-away of his novel, Oath of Office. You may enter on this blog by visiting Oath of Office Giveaway. Contest is open to residents of the US and closes May 18th, 2012.


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