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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Canada Reads Judge Accuses Author of Terrorism and Another of Lying

Non-fiction is a new category in the Canada Reads competition and things got rather heated as one of the judges attacked two of the books, Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat and Something Fierce by Carmen Aguirre.  The judge, Anne-France Goldwater, coined as Quebec's Judge Judy by Canada Reads, attacked Carmen Aguirre, stating that the author is a terrorist and never should have been allowed in the country.  She also formed an attack against Marina Nemat stating that by reading her memoir Prisoner of Tehran, you can tell it never happened.

Understandably, Ms. Nemat is upset, especially since the result ended in her book being eliminated from the competition.  This is part of the whole process with Canada Reads, though.  Each day one book is eliminated.  Canadian celebrities defend the books, and one is selected daily to be withdrawn from the competition.

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