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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book Chair - an ingenious decorating solution for small spaces

After watching an episode of Ctiyline this morning, which, incidentally, was a re-run (but that's why I enjoy early morning Saturday tv, so I can watch this program that I miss during the week), I was inspired to look on the internet for ideas on bibliophile decorating.  The segment I saw today showed a framed piece of wallpaper that pictured shelves of books.  Below that sat a chair underneath which was stored two stacks of, you guessed it, books.  If you receive/buy Style At Home Magazine, you will see the inspiration for this segment, Trendspotting, in the March 2012 issue.

So, in my search for inspiration, I came across this photo of a book chair which is rather ingenious. Between the Covers: Tattered Cover Book Blog shared this photo courtesy of flavorwire.com.  Isn't this a unique idea?  

Does this inspire you to include books in your decor or as a small space decor solution?

For more inspiration on decorating with books see ten beautiful ways to display books from Style at Home magazine.


  1. Wow! I absoloutely love this! I am definitely going to follow your link and check out that article. I like the invisible book shelf from Ikea and barnes and noble too. The shelf makes it look like your books are suspended in mid-air against the wall.

  2. I've wanted that chair for a couple of years now - it's just pure perfection.

    And I love this tumblr (even though it fills me with serious bookshelf envy) http://bookshelfporn.com/


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