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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

It's been a busy summer, reading, reading, reading!!!  Isn't that perfect?  I mean really?  Aside from a much desired, and might I add needed, vacation to the ocean or a nice lake, what could be more compelling?  Not much if you love reading and writing like I do!

Fablehaven is the first of a series written by Brandon Mull and is his first published material.  If you like Harry Potter; as many adults, teens and children do; you will truly enjoy Fablehaven.  It is written primarily for a tween or early teen market but appeals to a vast spectrum.

This is the story of Seth and Kendra, the grandchildren of the Sorensons.  Interestingly, the children are left to stay with their grandparents while the parents go on a cruise.  That's not the interesting part.  Most intriguing of all is the story behind the Sorensons and their land, Fablehaven.  Upon entering the premises, signs warning all to stay away are scattered along the roadway.  "Certain Death Awaits" reads one. 

A pet chicken who is not really a chicken, yes I mean "who"; hummingbirds who are not what they seem, and a mystery forest that is off limits.  Similar to a well-known series, and yet not.  Seth's curiosity gets the better of him and Kendra too as she is dragged along on his adventures and mishaps.  Mysterious creatures are hidden within the forest and the barn.  Though given ample warning from their grandfather, Seth and then Kendra and Seth, investigate the property and find secrets too hard to believe, including the disappearance of their grandmother.

Full of adventure and fun and suspense, this book is hard to put down.  Brandon Mull leaves hints for future novels to continue the saga and creates a desire to read on and on.  This reader cannot wait to get the next in what promises to be a best-selling series.

Rating 5/5


  1. http://brandonmull.com/site/

  2. Sooo, how do you find time to garden, write about it, see movies, write about them, AND read books which takes a little longer even. You are amazing and are doing a wonderful job. How about writing something to get me more organized. I feel like I am accomplishing nothing. Keep up the good work.

  3. Lynn, well obviously somethings gotta give, right? Let's just say I wouldn't want company right now!

  4. Oh, add to that I am writing a novel! Yikes!!


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