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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Lucky One

Written by Nicholas Sparks, author of bestsellers including Nights in Rodanthe, Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, Dear John and The Notebook.  Another great novel by Nicholas Sparks.  

When a US Marine, Logan Thibault, finds a photograph of a beautiful young woman he pegs it on the bulletin board for the owner to claim but no one does.  Putting it in his pocket, he fights in Iraq with his platoon.  Many die around him but he survives.  His friend Victor tells him the photo is a charm.  As long as he has the charm he will be protected.

There's a catch here.  When they return from duty, Victor tells him he has to return the favour to the woman.  He must find her.  Taking only his dog, Zeus, and a backpack, Logan treks across the country from Colorado to North Carolina in search of the  mystery woman.

It is a story of the paths our lives take, destiny, and true love with suspense thrown in. A new twist from what I have read of Sparks.  A drama that will capture you from the start.

I recommend this book as a 5/5!  Take this one with you on holiday for some great summer reading!

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