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Sunday, April 26, 2015

"We Can Get Kids Reading"


Is literacy important to you and your family?  Are you having trouble getting your kids to read or finding books that engage them?  Author James Patterson, whose books have sold over 300,000,000 copies during his career as a writer, has some advice for parents regarding getting your kids to read.

Patterson is a staunch supporter of this segment of the arts, giving away $1000000 to independent bookstores in the states.  He also rallied behind school libraries, giving $1.25 million dollars to school libraries via grants in association with Scholastic Reading Club.  Libraries may request funds for repairs or new projects, according to a news release March 9, 2015.

The message, the more your kids read, the better readers they will be.  Reading opens doors to better schools, careers, etc.  Here are a few sites that will help you entice your child to read, to find that book that hooks them into a lifetime of reading joy.  

In Canada: Indigo Books and Chapters has a Love of Reading Program which supports in need school libraries through a grant.  Schools across Canada may apply to be considered for a grant. Learn more  here.  

Here are a few sites in Canada that support building literacy:  

"For a child, the more time spent with a parent reading aloud increases his or her level of attachment, enhances a sense of security, and imparts the knowledge that their parent feels they are worthwhile people with whom to spend time." (How to Raise a Reader, 1987).  

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