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Monday, November 19, 2012

Harry Potter vs Twilight Open Discussion: Which do you miss more?

Now that I've seen the finale in the Twilight saga, I am content.  It is done.  For me there is no desire to see a continuation of the story, especially since the ending of Breaking Dawn II was, well, an ending.  Beautifully executed too.

If I were to compare Harry Potter with the Twilight saga, not the stories, mind you because there is no comparison between the two; but more a comparison of how I felt at their ending, I have to say I missed Harry Potter more when it was over.  

Harry and his friends grew up before our eyes on the big screen and the written page.  Could that be the appeal to a wide audience range? The fight between good and evil, werewolves, wicked warlocks and witches, bullying, family drama, and more was present throughout.  Some of which we could relate to.  The orphan taken in by an unloving family, a boy who never knew how special he truly was, appealed to us as humans.  The quarrels and bullying and crushes, all things we can relate to or are aware of in our own lives. The orphan boy overcomes it all and we loved it!  Throw in some magic and you have a formula for success.

Whereas Bella graduates from high school and from mortal life, embracing adulthood as a vampire, it was exciting to watch the struggles to get there and the trials conquered, not to mention the bad vampires.  The whole thing was a big toothy saga!  There were instances at school and with friends that would have drawn sympathies from the audience but they were brief.  Once Bella graduated and the last two books came to life on the big screen, the excitement escalated.  We cheered for vampires!  As unbelievable as that may be, we did!

You may compare the stories somewhat to better express how each one touched your life because it is the sum of the experience that leaves you with that feeling of loss/gain.  Now that the conclusion to both has come to pass, do you miss one more than the other?  Which one could you relate to more? Which young adult series spoke to you more and why?

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  1. How odd. This post is one of my top read posts and yet no one has responded. I'm sure several of you have read and watched both these series and felt their impact. Now it's your turn to share. Which do you miss most and why?


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