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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breaking Dawn Movie Review

I love the opening sequence of Breaking Dawn II.  Wintery scenes with splashes of red, close-ups of snow crystals, such beautiful cinematography!

I tried to take one photo of the title shot but it came out blurry but you get the idea.

Breaking Dawn II opens where BDI left off, with the awakening of the new Bella.  Before she can see her daughter though, she must hunt and she does with Edward, showing incredible restraint in her food choices.  When she (and we) meets her daughter, Renesmee, let me tell you she is the cutest baby girl, aside from my beautiful daughter of course, and everybody adores her!

The movie progresses with a threat from the Volturi which precipitates thrilling action and a scene with Jake that had all the girls in the audience audibly thrilled!  I am going to avoid any further spoilers by just saying that some things are different from the book and there is a surprise at the end which neatly ties up the entire saga.

The action is portrayed, both in effects and videography, with greater realism and the makeup is much better.  I still found Dr. Cullen to be oddly pasty looking compared to the others.  Perhaps it is his natural darker hair colouring that makes it necessary to be more liberal with the makeup?  Edward's finally looks good!  The new cast members are well chosen, actually pretty close to how I pictured them from the novel, and I am so glad to see no cast replacements to main characters!

Breaking Dawn II is action packed, with some gory scenes (nothing too graphic but parents be warned), the love scenes with Edward and Bella are more intimate (not complete nudity, mostly limbs and backs), and the overall effect is more than I even expected.  

Of all the Twilight movies, I liked this one best.  PS  My husband even stayed awake!

Considering the violence and the love scene, I would not recommend this movie to children under 14 at the youngest.  (parental discretion encouraged).

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