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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Truth of the Matter

Author  Andrew Klavan
Publisher Thomas Nelson, Inc.
Copyright 2010
336 pages
Juvenile Fiction Action and Adventure General/Christian

"Never Give In"
"Ever since he woke up in a terrorist torture chamber-with a year of his life erased from his mind-Charlie West has been on the run.  He has one desperate hope of getting his life back: track down the mysterious agent named Waterman.  But in fact, reaching Waterman-and recovering the secrets lost in his own memory-will only increase his danger. Because a team of ruthless killers is rapidly closing in on him, determined to stop him from finding the answers.  And the truth of the matter is more incredible...and more deadly...than he could ever imagine." (from the back cover)

What could terrorists possilby want with a teenage boy?  What truths does he know that keep him on the run?

When Charlie's best friend is murdered, Charlie is charged and found guilty. It's all part of a plan.  He is allowed to escape and finds himself on the run from the law and a terrorist group, The Homelanders.  He has lost one year of his memory and must track down someone who can help him retrieve those memories.   Charlie has a black belt, a clever young man with strong convictions.  He knows fear but he does not allow that fear to keep him from fighting for what is right.  He knows his life is in peril but he must find this individual.  He doesn't know who to trust.  Danger lurks everywhere.

This action adventure will appeal primarily to teenage boys (though I did enjoy it), drawing them into the life of Charlie West, a teenage boy on the run from the law and The Homelanders. He left behind his family, his school, his friends and his girlfriend.  Charlie's story begins in The Last Thing I Remember but the reader does not feel as though they are missing the gist of the story by beginning in book three of this series.  One can go back and read them, which the reader will want to do after reading this book but it isn't necessary to enjoy this novel. 

It is rare to find a novel without profanity and sexuality but this book will be found acceptable on all levels.  While Charlie's adventures seem way out there and the descriptions of his "moves" are a bit surreal, Charlie's journey will draw you in, keep you reading, page after page, until you finish the book, and then....well, you simply must get the next book in the series to find out what becomes of Charlie.

This is the third book in The Homelander series.  The first book in the series is The Last Thing I Remember and the second is The Long Way Home.  Look for The Final Hour, available August 2011, to discover the conclusion to Charlie's life on the run.  
Rated 4.5/5

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  1. This book was provided by Book Sneeze at no cost to me in return for a review.


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