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Monday, June 16, 2014

Why Meyer's last instalment of the Lunar Chronicles won't release until November 2015!

Lunar Chronicle Fans have been anxiously waiting the arrival of January 2015 (certainly not for the winter!!) for the YA novel and final instalment titled Winter.  However, those who were so looking forward to January, will have to wait another ten months for Winter to see bookstore shelves.  Instead.....

Fairest will be released January 2015.  It is a prequel to Cinder, telling the tale of Queen Levana, the evil Lunar villain, beginning with the Queen's life from the age of 15 to a period ten years short of the time of Cinder.

According to Marissa Meyer, there are integral plot points in Fairest that relate to the novel Winter.  None of us wanted the Chronicles to end so soon but this comes as a complete surprise.  Read more of this news here:


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