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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Unexpected Surprise in an Email Today!!!

Woo hoo!  I just received an unexpected email from Jac Wright, author of The Reckless Engineer.  I am the lucky winner of an Amazon gift card for participating in the blog tour for the release of his mystery novel, The Reckless Engineer.  You can catch my review here:  http://shirley-mybookshelf.blogspot.ca/2013/12/the-reckless-engineer-by-jac-wright.html.  

The Reckless Engineer has a new take on the traditional mystery novel, involving the field of engineering.  Here's a portion of my review to whet your appetite:  

Jac Wright gathers together a group of possible suspects but you will likely not guess who did the deed and framed Jac.  That twist comes at the end and you realize Wright had dropped cleverly disguised hints all along.  I love to see that ability, especially in a new to me mystery author.

Engineering is not commonly found in mysteries.  You find writers, police officers, elderly spinsters, journalists with cats, and a myriad of others but never before have I come across engineers in this genre.  Jac Wright intends to change that with this series, of which The Reckless Engineer is the first.  He brings to the series his own personal knowledge as an engineer, expounding upon situations in his realm of experience thus introducing the mystery enthusiast to an entirely new and interesting facet to the genre.  If you're a mystery lover sleuthing out something new, check out Wright's series, engineered to reaffirm your love.

 You can order your copy here.  


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